Efficiency NS Rebates

How to save at least $125 when replacing your old fridge …

  1. Call Efficiency Nova Scotia at 1-888-303-2103. They will take away your old working fridge to be properly recycled. Not only is this a free service (which would normally cost you $20), but they will actually give you $30.
  2. Then visit your nearest JR Rahey’s and get an instant rebate of $75 off a new fridge from the list below.
  3. Plus, you’ll keep saving, year after year – with lower power bills thanks to your new fridge!

Eligible Refrigerators:


Model Number Configuration
ART348FFF*** Top Freezer


Model Number Configuration
EI26SS30J**A Side by Side
EI24BC10Q Side by Side


Model Number Configuration
DGUS2645L**A Side by Side
FDBN2750S* Bottom Freezer
FDBS2750S* Side by Side
FFEN2822Q* Bottom Freezer
FFHB2740P**A Top Freezer
FFHB2750T* Top Freezer
FFHD2250T* Bottom Freezer
FFHG2250T* Bottom Freezer
FFHI1831Q* Bottom Freezer
FFHI1832T* Top Freezer
FFHI2131Q* Top Freezer
FFHN2740P**A Bottom Freezer
FFHN2750T* Bottom Freezer
FFHT1514Q* Top Freezer
FFHT1514T* Top Freezer
FFHT1521Q* Top Freezer
FFHT1614Q* Top Freezer
FFHT1614T* Top Freezer
FFHT1621Q* Top Freezer
FFHT1621T* Top Freezer
FFHT1814Q* Top Freezer
FFHT1814T* Top Freezer
FFHT1821Q* Top Freezer
FFHT1821T* Top Freezer
FFHT1831Q* Top Freezer
FFHT1832T* Top Freezer
FFHT2021Q* Top Freezer
FFHT2021T* Top Freezer
FFHT2131Q* Top Freezer
FGEX2631Q* Side by Side
FGEX26D6Q**A Side by Side
FGHC2355PF*C Bottom Freezer
FGHD2368T* Bottom Freezer
FGHG2366P**A Top Freezer
FGHG2367T* Bottom Freezer
FGHG2368T* Bottom Freezer
FGHI1864Q* Top Freezer
FGHI1865S* Side by Side
FGHI2164Q* Top Freezer
FGHN2866P**A Bottom Freezer
FGHN2867T* Bottom Freezer
FGHS2355P**A Top Freezer
FGHS2355P**B Top Freezer
FGHS2631P**A Side by Side
FGHS2655P**A Side by Side
FGHS2655P**B Side by Side
FGHT1835S* Top Freezer
FGHT1842T* Top Freezer
FGHT1846Q* Top Freezer
FGHT2046Q* Top Freezer
FPHB2899P* Bottom Freezer
FPHF2399P* Bottom Freezer
FPHG2399P**A Top Freezer
FPHS2699P**A Side by Side
FPHT18D3R* Top Freezer
LFHB2751T* Top Freezer
LFHD2251T* Bottom Freezer
LFHG2251T* Bottom Freezer
LFHT1831Q* Top Freezer
LFHT2131Q* Top Freezer
LGHB2867T* Bottom Freezer
LGHK2336T* Single Door
LGHT1846Q* Top Freezer
LGHT2046Q* Top Freezer
RB492701 Bottom Freezer


Model Number Configuration
MFF2558DE* Bottom Freezer
MFF2558FE*** Bottom Freezer
MBR1957DE* Bottom Freezer


Model Number Configuration
RF260B*AE** Bottom Freezer
RF261BEAE** Bottom Freezer
RF261BIAESR Bottom Freezer
RF26HF*ND** Bottom Freezer
RF26HFPNB** Bottom Freezer
RF28HD*DP** Bottom Freezer
RF28HFPDB** Bottom Freezer
RF30HD*DT** Bottom Freezer
RF323T*DB** Bottom Freezer
RH30H9500** Side-by-Side
RL220N*TA** Bottom Freezer
FF1118W Top Freezer
FF1159SS Top Freezer
FFBF241W Bottom Freezer
RF23HS*SB** Bottom Freezer
RF263B*AE** Bottom Freezer
RF28HFEDB** Bottom Freezer
RF28HM*LB** Bottom Freezer
RF28JB*DB** Bottom Freezer
RF30KM*DB** Bottom Freezer
RF32FM*DB** Bottom Freezer
RH25H5611** Side-by-Side
RT18M61*4** Top-mounted freezer
RT18M62*3**WOI Top-mounted freezer
RT21M62*3**WI Top-mounted freezer
RT21M62*3**WOI Top-mounted freezer
RT21M62*5** Top-mounted freezer


Model Number Configuration
DGHX2355T* Side by Side
DRR24980*** All Refrigerator
FGHI2164T*** Top Freezer
FGHX2655T* Side by Side
GFE28GBL**** Bottom Freezer
LGHX2636T* Side by Side
LMXS28626* Bottom Freezer
PYE22PBL**** Bottom Freezer
RF28MFEDE** Bottom Freezer
URB551WNGM Bottom Freezer
URB551WNGZ Bottom Freezer
WRB119WFB* Bottom Freezer
WRB329DMB* Side by side
WRF532SMH* Bottom Freezer
WRF532SNH* Bottom Freezer
WRF535SMB* Bottom Freezer
WRF535SMH* Bottom Freezer
WRF535SWB* Bottom Freezer
WRF535SWH* Bottom Freezer
WRF540CWH* Bottom Freezer
WRF555SDF*** Bottom Freezer
WRF736SDA* All Refrigerator
WRF757SDE*** Bottom Freezer
WRF767SDE*** Bottom Freezer
WRF954CIH*** Bottom Freezer
WRF992FIF*** Bottom Freezer
WRF993FIF*** Bottom Freezer
WRF995FIF*** Bottom Freezer
WRFA32SMH* Bottom Freezer
WRFA35SWH* Bottom Freezer
WRR56X18F*** Single Door
WRS331FDD*0* Side by Side
WRS335FDD*** Side by Side
WRS386FID* Side by side
WRS586FID* Side by side
WRS586FIE*** Side by Side
WRS586FLD* Side by side
WRS975SID*** Side by Side
WRT134TFD*0* Top Freezer
WRT138FZD* Top Freezer
WRT148FZD* Top Freezer
WRT348FME*0* Top Freezer
WRT541SZD*0* Top Freezer
WRT549SZD* Top Freezer

Get a $75 instant rebate in-store when you purchase select energy efficient Washers or Refrigerators.

Eligible Washers:  (Click here for Refrigerators)

Model Number Annual Energy Usage
WF42H50**A* 85
WF45H61**A* 118
WF45H63**A* 110
WF45K62**A* 75
WF45K65**A* 100
WF50K75**A* 105
WF56H91**A* 135
WF56H91**C* 130
WF45M51**A* 80
WF45M55**A* 105
WV55M96**A*-L 105
WV60M99**A*-L 105


Model Number Annual Energy Usage
MHW3500F** 87
MHW3500F** 56
MHW3505F** 88
MHW3505F** 53
MHW5500F** 89
MHW5500F** 89
MHW5500F** 75
MHW8200F** 89
MHW8200F** 89
MHW8200F** 75


Model Number Annual Energy Usage
WFW9290F** 66
WFW7540F** 88
WFW7540F** 68
WFW7590F** 87
WFW7590F** 47
WFW75HEF** 88
WFW75HEF** 68
WFW8540F** 87
WFW85HEF** 87
WFW85HEF** 87
WFW90HEF** 89
WFW90HEF** 89
WFW90HEF** 79
WFW90HEF** 79
WFW9290F** 89
WFW9290F** 89
WFW9290F** 66
WFW92HEF** 89
WFW92HEF** 89
WFW92HEF** 89
WFW92HEF** 89
WFW92HEF** 79
WFW92HEF** 79
WFW92HEF** 79
WFW92HEF** 79


Model Number Annual Energy Usage
EFLS517**** 85
EFLS617**** 85
EFLW417**** 55