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Cottage Appliance Specials

Smaller size - priced right for the cottage

Cottage Season Specials

Appliances, Furniture, and Mattresses - Priced right for the summer season.

We are proud to support the Canadian Red Cross - Alberta Wild Fires Appeal.

Our best wishes go out to the people of Fort McMurray.

FREE Mountain Bike*

*with the purchase of PRIMO "Exhilarate" mattress - from just $599.

J.R. Rahey's Furniture and Appliances

BeautySleep Emy Special

BeautySleep Emy Special
Simmons BeautySleep Pillow-top queen mattress set: $549

BeautyRest Gentry Special

BeautyRest Gentry Special
Simmons BeautyRest Gentry Tight-Top queen mattress set: $699

BeautyRest Amaya Special

BeautyRest Amaya Special
Simmons BeautyRest Amaya High-loft Pillow-Top queen mattress set: $899